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Internet browser designed to optimize privacy and security
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Epic Privacy Browser is an internet browser developed by Hidden Reflex. Based on the Chromium technology platform, Epic is specifically designed to optimize privacy and security. For that purpose, it doesn’t save your browsing history, does not support plug-ins, and also blocks third-party cookies and options such as URL or search suggestions.

Epic offers a built-in secure proxy that inhibits websites from tracking your location. With a single click, you can turn on the proxy to instantly encrypt your connection and hide your IP. Furthermore, Epic greatly reduces the information that websites can collect on you and your browsing history. This is especially true for sites like Google that run advertisements based on the information collected from users. To keep your web search secret, Epic includes Epic Search, a search engine that routes your querries via HTTPS protocols in order to make them untraceable.

By virtue of blocking many cookies and not allowing plug-ins, some websites may not load correctly. To solve that, you can resort to the Umbrella Button and adjust specific settings, so that all websites load and work properly.

If you are making the switch to Epic from Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer, you can import your bookmarks. This makes it easier to transition to Epic without giving up the browsing style that you have become accustomed to.

In short, if privacy and security are important to you, this is an excellent program to download. By using Epic, you are guaranteed not to have browsing information tracked or stored. This new version of Epic also adds a built-in video downloader that supports YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video sharing sites.

Mariel Rearte
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  • An excellent option for users who are concerned about their privacy online
  • Removes browsing history on exit
  • Includes ad-blocking features
  • Keeps searches private
  • The built-in video downloader works great


  • Does not support third-party password managers
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